The Hooker’s Son

The Hooker’s Son

The Hookers Son movie poster
Title: The Hooker’s Son
Running Time: 18 minutes
Year of Production: 2009
Language: Spanish (with English subtitles)


Mauricio is a successful, extremely arrogant, Costa Rican lawyer. His life seems completely under control, until one day he ends up stuck with Daniel, a prostitute’s ten-year-old son. When two different worlds collide, these two characters realize that they have more in common than they ever imagined.


Writer and Director: Erika Bagnarello
Produced by: Max Valverde and Erika Bagnarello
Cinematography by: Mario Cardona
Production Design / Art Direction: Julio César Gálvez Pinilla
Editor: Leo Fallas
Original Score by: Glendon Ramírez
Final Sound Mix: Nano Fernández
Graphic Design: Chao Pescao