Title: Gigi
Genre: Documentary
Total Running Time: 62 minutes
Production Year: 2017
Country: Costa Rica


This bittersweet, observational documentary tells the story of Gigi, a 38-year-old woman from Costa Rica as she struggles with stage four-lung cancer and decides to pursue her bucket list. It follows her from the moment when she embarks in a holistic medicine journey until the moment she comes to terms with her own mortality.

Director and Producer: Erika Bagnarello
Editor: Leo Fallas
Music Composer: Federico Miranda
Executive Producers: Erika Bagnarello, Diego Rodríguez Palma y Marco V. Bagnarello
Final Sound Mix: Malcom Fife
Story adapted for the screen: Erika Bagnarello
Sound Design: Carlos Aguilar y Daniel Alarcón Villamizar
Camera: Erika Bagnarello
Additional Camera: Federico Lang, Nicoa Ríos, Gigi Khangi, David Barboza
Sound: Erika Bagnarello
Production Assistant: Federico Brenes
Visual Effects, Animation and Subtitles: Octavio Rodríguez
Color Grading and Masters / DCP: Leo Fallas

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With the collaboration of:
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