Gangs, ‘Ninis’ and Thugs

Gangs, ‘Ninis’ and Thugs

Title: Gangs, ‘Ninis’ and Thugs: An unofficial War
Running Time: 50 minutes
Year of Production: 2012
Language: Spanish (with English subtitles)


“Gangs, ‘Ninis’ and Thugs: An unofficial War” is based on a thorough investigation of violence in three cities—Ciudad Juarez, San Salvador and Caracas—which have some of the world’s highest rates of violent deaths per one hundred thousand people. Furthermore, the film portrays problems that are identified more and more among Latin American countries with many common denominators.

In this context, young people are the most affected by a lack of social policies, impunity, and excess firearms. The vast majority of these deadly encounters occur among people ages 15 to 30 years old. They are the last link in the social chain and the most affected by the absence of political will, the lack of transparency, and the negligence in controlling the international trade in firearms. They are the soldiers of an unofficial war that is waged every day in Latin America.


Writer / Director : Erika Bagnarello
Producers: Mario Araya / Erika Bagnarello
Executive Producer: Luis Alberto Cordero
Director of Photography: Mario Araya
Editor: Leo Fallas
Original Music and Sound Design by: Ernesto Fiks
Animations and Graphic Design by: Mauricio Porras